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A different vision

We speak many Joomla, Wordpress and the other concepts in open source.

If these tools are "free", more than 90 % of those who opt for these methods has to call on to a webmaster having some knowledge of these tools to end in a decent result. In the end, their site costs them much more that what we offer.

The complexity of the implementation of a site created with Joomla or Wordpress and its maintenance are not within the reach of all. In the end, the users pay to make the modifications on their web site and lose control of it.

The concept Joomla and Wordpress are based on the choice of a graphic theme. It is then difficult to find the compatible applications with this theme. In the end, these tools do not perfectly meet the needs of users.

In case of problem, you can never address the programmers who worked on the concepts. If you meet problems or if you want to set up applications which are exclusive you, you will be blocked!

Make the good choice!

The Zoneweb3 solution was developed for answer to the expectations of the users. It satisfies as well those who just wish for a presence on the Internet that those who need a tool of development for their activities. It offers you a total control of your site and will accompany you throughout your development.

Simplicity, ergonomics and evolution capacities

Once upon a time...
Boomerang Multimédia works since almost 15 years in the Web creation. We developed a unique expertise which allows us to meet all your challenges and to bring to our clientele the solutions adapted to their needs.

While listening to our customers we defined a severe specifications to develop the Zoneweb3 solution. Naturally, it was necessary to us to determine priorities and to conjugate the technologies of programming with the expectations of users. This methodology allows us to assert that the Zoneweb3 solution is a democratic concept answering real needs defined above all by the users.

Our approach
Graphic themes : One of the most frequent points which was feedback to us is the lack of flexibility of web sites. That they opted for an agency of creation or for other solutions such as Joomla or Wordpress, it is often complicated, even impossible, to modify quickly the corporate identity of the web sites. In the second case, note that when you choose a theme, it's very risky then to modify it without exposing itself to losses of data or a random result.
Our answer : Rather than to propose often heavy and little flexible themes, we imagined an exclusive solution by separating the graphic options and by standardizing them to guarantee a total compatilité with other themes. You can control so separately every section of your site: background image, color of banners, identification by logo, type of menu, theme schedules little as a construction set.

Implementation of a new site : The users of Joomla and Wordpress who possess no knowledge in Web programming are, in the majority of the cases, obliged to ask for help one professional for the phase of creation of their site, what generates costs of several thousand dollars. Furthermore, these solutions require the installation of certain software which must be frequently updated.
Our answer : With the Zoneweb3 solution, no installation of software. You reach your administration panel directly on your web site. The phase of creation asks for no particular knowledge and is within the reach of all. No need to commit a professional. Savings amount in thousand dollars. You will have either no update to be made. We take care of it for you. They are automatically made.

Update of the contents : Even there, numerous users feedback that they did not dare or more to modify the contents of their site so much try seemed to them complex and the random results.
Our answer : The disconcerting simplicity of update of the contents of sites based on the Zoneweb3 solution will allow you to make live your web site on a daily basis. It will avoid you having to commit a professional who will charge you every intervention.

Evolution capacities : Normally, when you take up your new web site, you are satisfied (if it is not the case, it is that you did not make the good choice). But the technologies evolve, the standards also and a few months later, your site became obsolete. It does not answer any more the trends of moment and it's time to make often very expensive updates. Sometimes it arrives what is more all the programming must be revised. Finally, your web site generates recurring spending or became "has been".
Our answer : Our team makes permanently a technology watch and brings in real time the correctives necessary for the smooth running of your site and proposes you a collection of applications which answers the trends of moment. You have to make nothing and it is FREE!

Specific needs : From the moment when you need specific applications for your activities, you will be blocked by the technical limits of Joomla or Wordpress or you will have to ask help to a developer which will charge you at a high price.
Our answer : The Zoneweb3 solution includes numerous features which you can activate or deactivate in a single click. If you need specific applications, our team will suggest you developing them in a cost more than reasonable.

Maintenance and corrections : We often met users of other solutions plunged into the confusion because they did not know to whom address in case of disfonctionnement of their site.
Our answer : Boomerang Multimédia is before any an interlocutor close to you and easily reachable. You benefit from a guarantee of functioning for life and from a team ready to answer all your requests.