Always farther

The evolution for visitors
For a website is alive, he must offer more interactive applications with visitors.
It must also provide a pleasant environment and trend.

The evolution for the users
We believe that a website should not be limited to show your products and present your business. It should also enable you to improve your working tool and efficiency. For this, Boomerang Multimedia has developed applications that will amaze you with their simplicity and their performances and you can not do without you!

Our team constantly continues to work for you to improve your experience with us.

Even more advanced applications

​The Zoneweb3 solution already includes many applications you can turn on or off as needed. Members area, inscriptions, forum, Google Map, directory, photo gallery, internal search engine, slide show, etc..

Our team regularly makes improvements to the Zoneweb3 solution and is continuously working to design new applications that will help you in running your website.

Currently we are working on several new applications that will complement those already available :

Management forms : through this module, you can create forms on the pages of your website. Whether to conduct surveys, to communicate with your visitors and offer personalized services, you will have very advanced functions recording or not in databases, online payment links, etc.

ECommerce Module : Boomerang Multimedia has acquired a very extensive experience in ecommerce systems. Many of our customers already benefit from complete solutions enabling them to develop their activities indefinitely and without borders. We are currently implementing the solution ecommerce in Zoneweb3 solution.

Activities / reservations : Many organizations and companies offer activities with reservations, paid or free. We will soon add to the Zoneweb3 solution a complete system for managing a schedule of activities with online reservation system and electronic payment.

Always listening to the needs of customers, the development list is not exhaustive. It will be completed as of our work.