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Q : What is the solution Zoneweb3?
A : The Zoneweb3 solution is a concept developed by Boomerang Media. With this design, you can get your website within hours. The Zoneweb3 solution allows to control the content of your site and its graphical appearance.

Q : For whom is the Zoneweb3 solution?
A : The Zoneweb3 solution is for any person or business who need a website and wish to keep control of its site. This solution eliminates the need to hire a webmaster. Very economical and user-friendly, it offers a professional result.

Q : What the contents of a site designed with Zoneweb3?
A : The content is all the information that you post on your website; namely: titles, text, images, videos, MP3 audio files, the files you offer for download (PPT, PDF, DOC).

Q : Which applications are included in the Zoneweb3 solution?
A : Many applications are included in the solution: bilingualism, calendar with calendaring and events, members area with inscriptions verified email system, forum, slideshow, newsletter (registration and creating mass mailing) pages of articles, photo gallery pages, directory pages, Google Map, internal search engine...

Q : I need other applications, but they are not supplied with the Zoneweb3 solution, which I may make?
A : Boomerang Multimedia team is advancing the number of proposed applications. We will soon propose new applications such as the ability to create activities that your visitors can sign up with online payment and invoice automation. We will also add soon a complete solution for ecommerce with catalog management, inventory, shipping, automated billing. We will soon propose a forms management module and many other upcoming releases...
We can also answer any specific request. For example, we already created for some customers submissions management modules, automated recurring billing (subscriptions and membership), and even automated management making appointments and calendaring!
There is no limit to what we can do.

Q : How many time is necessary to set up my web site and which is the process?
A : Your web site can be online within a few hours. It depends on how quickly spreads the domain (approximately 48 hours). Once your website online, you still have to insert the desired content.

Q : Once my web site online, what it will cost me ?
A : The price announced in our price list includes your web site, your domain name for one year and hosting for one year. Each year you will receive an invoice to renew your domain name and hosting. This annual amount is minimal. It is about $ 10 by month. Check our price list applicable rate for these services.

Q : If I already possess my domain name, can I to take advantage of the Zoneweb3 solution?
A : Of course! Our offer includes the management of your domain name and web hosting but if you already own a domain name, we will tell you what to do to point it to your new website.

Q : From which guarantee I benefit?
A : We guarantee the proper functioning of your life website. We correct programming errors that could be found in our solution. We are not responsible for against any changes or coding injection for yourself.