Guaranteed satisfaction

Because we believe our greatest asset is the satisfaction of our customers, we are very careful to provide the best service at all times.

We are so much persuaded that we offer the best solution of the market that we make a commitment to pay off you if you are not satisfied*.

To choose the Zoneweb3 solution will never stop amazing you!

*Your request must be received within 30 days of the invoice date. The amount paid does not include the price of the domain name.

An exclusive warranty

The satisfaction of our customers is the key to our success. Without it, our mission is not quite completed. Propose the best solution in the market is important to us and we work every day that our concept is the best solution.

The evolution capacities of the Zoneweb3 solution, the simplicity and totally transparent fashion updates that always offer you more opportunities make our team a leader in our field. With Zoneweb3 solution, you will always up to date and competitiveness will be second nature to you.

But offer you a top concept is not enough to satisfy us. We believe that being supplier is not just to provide service in exchange for an invoice. We believe that when you choose us, you make us a partner who accompanies you in your success.

For these reasons, we guarantee the proper functioning of your website for life. This warranty applies to our programming errors. If necessary, you will always find in our team a contact to help you.

That's the guarantee of Boomerang Multimedia!