Become a distributor

Boomerang Multimedia is looking for distributors for the Zoneweb3 solution.

If you are a professional and if you wish to complete your offer with your customers, you can become official distributor of the Zoneweb3 solution. We shall offer you very interesting exclusive conditions.

To become a distributor, please contact us by email or telephone to obtain more information about the Zoneweb3 solution distributor program.

Enhance your product offering

Boomerang Multimédia offers professionals to become a distributor of the solution Zoneweb3.

Tou want to expand your service offering to your customers? You want to stay a leader in offering products and services ?

If you are in the domains of the computing, the printing office, the accounting, the support to creation or the administration of companies, the business development, the communication consulting or simply that your clientele is a clientele of professionals, do not ever say NO when one of your customers asks you if you offer services of Internet creation.

What is the role of a distributor?
Our distributors are purely commercial role. In any case they are involved in the implementation of the Zoneweb3 solution and thus have no technical knowledge to be had.
Our partners have promotional material (flyers, technical documentation) and benefit from a training of a few hours.
Our distributors are totally exempted from the after-sales service, Boomerang Multimedia assure the support for the clientele from the purchase and during all the operating life of the Zoneweb3 solution.

We propose a very attractive remuneration. No capital outlay, no stock to be built.